Reading and Imagination - Ward from my Arabic Story "مغامرات ورد"

“Welcome to my creative world! I am @ahmadmanga, an artist, storyteller from Libya. On this website, you’ll discover a curated collection of my most notable projects, ready for you to explore and enjoy.”

~ A World of Imagination ~

You’ll find works of Various Genres as I write based on things I’m passionate about. Micro stories with Flowers and Machines. Short Stories with Fantasy Elements. Illustrated Short Stories with Bouncy Art. I even attempted at Manga at some point.

Evolving Storytelling: Let your mind flow with the words as I’m always Exploring New Ways to tell my Stories. As you follow my Storyteller Journey, you’ll pick up the evolution of style as I learn new writing techniques. Compare my stories from year to year and be amazed by the difference!

Artistic Evolution: Likewise, my art is improving, I constantly learn new things and use new Apps in my Digital Art Journey, while you can find some of my old art drawn on Pencil and Paper on old internet forums somewhere, if you find them. Let me know, I’ll ad them here.

Anime Inspired: You’ll find occasional Anime and Gaming terminology in my works, especially Role Playing concepts as it’s my favorite genre of Video Games. It inspiring stories like A Fascinating Legacy and I’m a Treasure Box. If you’re into that, go read them!

A Quick Start Guide

Enjoy the many illustrations that populate this website. Check out my Animated Gifs on Giphy.

Check out the Recommended Short Stories Page to Enjoy a collection of fictional works of Various Genres.

Play Games on Itch.io
As a hobbyist GameDev, I created a few small Games/Visual Novels over the years.

Find me on HIVE

My Goal is to Keep All of My Stories Free in Some Form. For this vision, I utilize the decentralized HIVE Blockchain which allows me to Earn Money while sharing my Creative Content, keeping it Free to Read. Find me @ahmadmanga.

HIVE is database that can be accessed through multiple interfaces. Each allow you to engage with the thriving community and earn HIVE rewards for creating and curating content. With my readers’ best experience in mind, I optimize my articles for both Ecency and Peakd, two top interfaces in the HIVE Community.

The Tools I Use

You might love these tools like I do! I have used various tools during my journey as an artist, I dabbled with many game development tools as well, I started with Flash and RPG Maker, the tools I use now are ibisPaint and Clip Studio Paint for design (been a long time GIMP user before) and Godot for progamming.