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Who is @ahmadmanga?

I’m @ahmadmanga, an artist and a storyteller from Libya who also develops games for Game Jams occasionally. In this website, you’ll find my most notable projects, as well as download links for the Games and eBooks that I release.

~ A World of Imagination ~

You’ll find works of Various Genres as I write based on things I’m passionate about. You’ll find most of my works contain Fantasy elements even when they occur in a Real Life setting.

Evolving Storytelling: Let your mind flow with the words as I’m always exploring new ways to tell my stories. As you follow my Storyteller Journey, you’ll pick up the evolution of style as I learn new writing techniques.

Anime Inspired: You’ll find occasional Anime and Gaming terminology in my works, especially RPG concepts as it’s my favorite genre inspiring stories like A Fascinating Legacy and I’m a Treasure Box.