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Recommended Short Stories

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A Fascinating Legacy

A Fantasy Short Story. Emenoire, an Elf Adventurer as her Mage friend Rafafill teaches her one last spell. The story explores student/teacher relationships & the difference in lifespans between Elves and Humans.

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I Look Around

Experience a lifetime through the eyes of a tree in this short story. It observes people. Gets to know them. Like them. Miss them. and Dream.

"I Lived Here..."

A married couple visit Amira’s house and they insist that she lets them see the house’s garden. The story explores nostalgia & acceptance of fate. – Sometimes, you need a stranger to reconnect you with your true self.

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Home Alone and a Burglar Wouldn't Come

I'm a Treasure Box


Boring Men Only Write Boring R_

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A Murky Liquid

Voice of a Princess

"59 รท 31 = 0"

Your Heart Will Remember