Welcome to ahmadmanga.net, I’m excited to share my art with you. I publish various kinds of content in this website. That includes, short stories, games and graphics. By accessing or using our website, you agree to be bound by the following terms of use:

Short Stories

All of the short stories are licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND. This means, (unless stated otherwise,) you are free to Read, Share, and Copy my stories as long as you link back to our website and do not profit from them. Refer to the How to Share section below for more information.

Graphics Assets

You may find downloadable assets on this website. These include Gamedev Assets, Clips Arts and other files that you can download.

All of these files are licensed under CC-BY or CC-BY-SA. This means that you are free to use these images and make derivatives of them, as long as you give attribution to us and share your derivative work under a compatible Creative Commons license.

How to Share Works Under a NonCommercial License?

Works under CC-BY-NC-ND and CC-BY-NC are considered licensed for NonCommercial use. That means you’re allowed to share them as long as no profit comes to you or someone else from sharing them.

You aren’t allowed to post my stories in full form on any website except with my permission. Doing that would be violation of the NC (Non-commercial) part of the License. You’re allowed to share them privately with a small group(s) of people on these websites.

You are allowed of sharing parts of my content publicly as long as you’re doing it in good faith. Make sure to give credit and link back to my website: ahmadmanga.net

Fair Use allows you to use my works in a way that benefits both of us. That includes Reviews, Research, Education and Commentary. As long as you follow the Fair Use guidelines on using Copyrighted material, you’re allowed to make money off your work. Make sure to link back to my website somewhere in your work.

Unless it’s allowed by the Creative Common License of the specific file on our official pages, you’re never allowed to profit from any of our works without our permission.

You can find more information about the specific licenses and the terms of use on the Creative Commons website: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/